Do you recognize this Sociopath??

Who sees this in politics today … Do you recognize these personality traits of a Sociopath?

1) A Hunger for Power & Dominance (I matter to me)
2) Devious or Deceptive Tendencies (I can’t comment)
3) Ruthlessness in the Pursuit of Their Goals (pack the SCOTUS)
4) Hostile or Aggressive Towards Others (“Give me a break, man. Don’t be such a horse’s ass”.)
5) Easily Angered or Irritated (“you’re full of Shit”)
6) Irresponsible Decision Making (Afghanistan means nothing)
7) Superficial Charm & Powers of Persuasion (media saying “It’s just Joe”)
8) Broken Moral Compass or Limited Conscience (withhold $1B from Ukraine to save his son’s job at Burisma)
9) Manipulative Tendencies (if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”)
10) Entitlement & Impunity (“I’m not working for you”)
11) Socially Deviant (Hunter pictures on his laptop)
12) Cheap Thrill-Seeking Tendencies ($1.9 trillion of stimulus spending will not cause Inflation)
13) Opportunistic in all the Wrong Ways (you don’t know jack)
14) Emotional Detachment (rules for thee, but not for me)
America is becoming a Fascist .. Police State .. so what will you to about it?
Bow to the IRS, the FBI, or the global warming Cabal of Thieves?