Woke-ness Shuts Down Arizona Freedom Alliance and Other Conservative Websites

8-19-22 EVNN Opinion:

     What a coincidence. Just a little more than 2 months before the election and the website hosting company called “Ning”, located in Menlo Park, CA, the hosting company Arizona Freedom Alliance as well as The Education Action Network (Teach1776.ning.com), has shut down our ability to broadcast messages to our own members. Even if you have signed up for updates, you will no longer get them. We have been silenced for all intents and purposes.

I suspect that the censorship of the internet, in the US, will soon rival that of China and North Korea. We thought it was bad in 2020; just wait. Between shutting down our First Amendment Rights and election tampering, we are a hairs breath away from true totalitarianism.

If you thought NAZI Germany was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Technology has made the surveillance state 1,000 times more efficient than what the NAZI Gestapo or the Communist Stasi ever was. If you feel like you are living a novel called 1984, you are!

The Education Action Network will soon have a new website up and running and we will continue to communicate with our members. That is, until the internet becomes 100% state Controlled; which may be soon.

Whether you are and Anarchist, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic or just a plain old Normie THIS AFFECTS YOU! The loss of anyone’s rights = the loss of everyone’s rights. Sooner or later, everyone will figure this out. I just hope, that when that happens, it won’t be too late.